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Life Long Learning Article thumbnail imageBelow, please find articles published in various editorials and magazines.  Please feel free to download and print for yourself or your team.  We are confident that you will find tremendous value from them.  And if you would like to explore Art coming and speaking to your team at a conference or training in the future, please contact us today and schedule a quick chat.


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15- A Smokers Break Can Be Your Break (Download the PDF)

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17- Are You a Sales Lobbyist? (Download the PDF)

18- The Power of Exhortation (Download the PDF)

19- The Enlightened Look Back (Download the PDF)

20- Is Your Boat Adrift (Download the PDF) 

21- Adding Talent (Download the PDF) 

22- Questioning the Career Path (Download the PDF) 

23- Pivoting to Online Selling (Download the PDF) 

24- Choosing a Mentor (Download the PDF) 

25- Best Pricing Strategies (Download the PDF)

26- Conceive, Believe, Achieve (Download the PDF) 

27- The Balancing Act (Download the PDF)

28- A New Era in Selling (Download the PDF)

29- Enterprise Selling in the 21st Century (Download the PDF)

30- Stay Above The Line (Download the PDF) 

31-Distribution and Digital Transformation(Download the PDF)

32- Mentoring Distributors (Download the PDF)

33 – Adjusting to Changes in Sales Process Relationships (Download the PDF)

34 – Digital Business (Download the PDF)

35- Added Value in the Digital World (Download the PDF)

36- Why Competition is Good for Business (Download the PDF)

37- The Dashboard to Success (Download the PDF)

38- Time to Rethink Your Sales Process (Download the PDF)

39- Reaching the Right People (Download the PDF)

40-The Guide to Success for the New Digital Sales Team (Download the PDF)

41-Labor on the Move (Download the PDF)

42- Sales Strategy 2023 Focus (Download the PDF)

43- The Strategic Team (Most Recent Article) (Download the PDF)

43- The Hybrid Sales Experience (Download the PDF)

44- Optimizing Performance (Download PDF)

44- A Higher Level of Expertise (Download PDF)

45-The Changing Dynamics of Pricing (Download PDF)

46-Economic Disruptors and Your Pricing Strategy (Download PDF)

47-Maintain a Strong Cultural Foundation (Download PDF)

48-Keeping Pace with Change (Download PDF)

49- AI and your Sales Process (Download PDF)

50- Using The New Tech Stack (Download PDF)

51- The Secret to Success- Organization (Download PDF)

52- Enterprise Selling Requires the Use of Digital Tools (Download PDF)

53- AI Applications on the Rise (Download PDF)

54-The Importance of Digital Capabilities (Download PDF)

55-The AI’s New Approach to Marketing (Download PDF)

56-Organization as a Lifetime Habit (Most Recent Article)