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Art Waskey is a speaker who truly delivers. In addition to a 45 year career in sales and marketing, Art is the author of 2 books on selling and a monthly column “The Art of Sales.” Is your company or organization looking for a guest speaker who can reach beyond the normal motivational speaker and give tangible takeaways? Consider Art from Impact Speaking Dynamics today!

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Speaking Topics

THE ORGANIZED EXECUTIVE program will help busy sales people improve their time, paper, project and territory management skills. Participants discuss 28 “common sense but not common practice” tips received from leading executives that have changed their lives. Each participant will commit to a prescription of three skills for 30 days that will give him or her back time and create efficiency.
Watch the video describing the Organized Executive program here.

GOALS WITH A PURPOSE is designed to help you better understand how to set effective goals and accomplish them. It is a small group interactive “brainstorming” session where we flush-out dreams in eight areas of your life. Then, a unique method turns your top dreams into realistic goals with attainable purposes. But be careful if you come to this seminar; you will see your goals become reality. This program really works!
Watch the video describing the Goals With a Purpose program here.

SELLING FOR SUCCESS teaches participants a complete sales cycle by applying some of the most recently proven methods. This is not the conventional Xerox or IBM sales training program. You will learn how to: build quicker/better relationships, discover the customer need, and develop a commitment from your client before you ever demonstrate your product or service. What questions do you ask your customers? What questions are getting the most effective results? Find out through this seminar.
Watch the video describing the Selling For Success program here.

PERSONAL INSIGHTS uses the Style Analysis Instrument and was designed to help people win; achieve more success in life and sales. Participants will understand how his/her behavioral style relates to their customers through interactive sessions. Discovery includes: how your style reacts with other styles, keys to adapting better communications, and a group plot of a Success Insight Wheel.
Watch the video describing the Personal Insights program here.

10 TOOLS EVERY SALES MANAGER NEEDS IN THEIR TOOL BAG is a seminar designed to give sales managers the tools that will ensure each salesperson knows what is required to be successful. The system provides the basis for a quick, efficient, and accurate monthly review. With this proven process, we grew our company from 5 to 60 million in revenue. The mantra for the system is, “If you don’t measure it, it won’t happen.”
Watch the video describing the 10 Tools program here.

DEVELOPING THE NEXT GENERATION OF SALES MANAGERS is a seminar that covers 7 proven tools for next generation sales managers. Some of these new skills include: A culture of accountability, Using an effective sales cycle, Implementing 10 tools each sales rep should be using, Dealing with upset customers, Addressing the most common performance issues, Supporting your best people from peer to manager, and other skills I wish I knew about when I started my sales management career.
Watch the video describing the Developing the Next Gen program here.

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