Changes and Challenges

As 2022 comes to a close, it’s time to formulate a plan for 2023. I find that webcasts are a great way to acquire relevant information and ideas. They offer reviews of the changes and challenges of 2022. These include the rapid progression of digitalization, a renewed focus on economic, environmental, and social sustainability, coping with product outages related to the war in Ukraine, and inflation, to name just a few. This all makes creating a productive plan for 2023 a complex process. How do you move from current best practices to the next practices that will help you succeed going forward?

Next Practices

In addition, a mindset for the New Year must include a reflection on the past. In his webcast, “Accelerate Your Productivity Pathway – 3 Areas of Focus for 2023” Paul Pretko, Industry Executive Advisor, stated that business processes have moved from the age of Best Practices to Next Practices.

Furthermore, the Best Practices of the past have leveraged technology to do things better and faster. We are now shifting to what Pretko referred to as Next Practices. These are revolutionary new processes focused on doing more with less. Next Practices involve innovations with distinctly different applications, such as fully automated warehouses. Advanced digital vendor-managed inventory (VMI) platforms and cutting-edge omnichannel enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications are also Next Practices.

The Three Cs

When planning for 2023, look to integrate technology that is comprehensive, convenient, and contemporary.  Pretko called these the 3 Cs. Distributors need Comprehensive systems from start to finish; systems that provide a Convenient user experience; and Contemporary services that incorporate technologies like AI.

Pace your Planning

Lastly, the pandemic accelerated changes in business practices. Your challenge in 2023 is finding ways to take your business and employees through these changes cohesively. To attract and integrate the best of the new generation with the old requires adding technology at an acceptable, step-by-step pace. Lead with care to tap into the best from each generation as you move into your next practices for 2023.

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