I enjoyed 47 wonderful years in a career as a sales executive and leader, seeing tremendous business growth during that time. When I reached “retirement” age, I decided to leave my job of 34 years. Rather than retire, I decided to transition to a new business, one that involved pursuing my passions. Today I head up a successful consulting and speaking business based on my writing, speaking, and consulting expertise. In this position, I am constantly asked what it takes to get a start-up off the ground. I always say that passion is the number one tool necessary to grow your business.

Critical Tools and Tips for Business Growth

Along with passion, here are three other critical tools required for business growth.

  1. Build a network – To sell yourself, your product, or your service, requires an ever-expanding grid of relationships.  A sure way to build a strong network is to be cooperative. When you help someone find a new client, they are very likely to recommend your services. For example, a person from my professional past “liked” a posting of mine on LinkedIn. As part of that interchange, I gave him the contact information for one of my clients. Within minutes, he responded by connecting me with one of his clients that could benefit from my consulting experience. This type of exchange is not an anomaly; it happens all the time.
  2. Learn from mentors – I am privileged to have counsellors who believe in my abilities. They often have more faith in me than I have in myself! Meet with your coaches weekly. Schedule one-hour virtual conference calls. During these conversations, challenging ideas will be presented that introduce you to new ways of thinking and doing. This leads to growth.
  3. Work with peers – I have a group of 5 business acquaintances I conference with on a monthly basis. Our exchange of strategies, relationships, and industry changes is invaluable to me and my business objectives. Their insights enable me to change direction if needed and adjust my thinking at critical times. Discussions with my peers have allowed me to take advantage of opportunities that I would otherwise miss.

Grow your business

Work continuously on building your network and schedule time to meet with mentors and peers. These business tools are essential to growing a business. Be sure to apply them to your endeavors.

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