In the Digital Era

Traditional relationship skills as well as AI technology are necessary for successful selling in the digital age. The ability to identify customer needs has always been a requirement for sales representatives. Also, AI technology enables reps to do that quickly and efficiently by analyzing customers’ previous transactions and preferences. As a result, Combining AI data with traditional relationship-selling tools is a new way to win business and reps need help adjusting to this change.

Action Items

Furthermore, your sales team needs to have guidance navigating this new world of technology applications. A recent press release from Gartner recommends company Chief Sales Officers explore the following actions to successfully evolve a hybrid sales strategy:

  • Bring together sales and marketing leaders to set a multichannel strategy for customer learning paths, including account-based campaigns and digital sales playbooks.
  • Rethink the role of digital engagement by building digital sales tools for real-time collaboration with customers.
  • Equip sales reps with probing questions and decision support tools to help buyers learn more effectively and make confident decisions. 

What to Include in Your Strategy

According to Kevin McGirl, President and Co-Founder of sales-I, with the use of AI intelligence, your sales strategy can include:

  • Customer behavioral information. Current data predictive analytics can provide an understanding of each customer’s interaction preferences. Additionally, this behavior identification makes it easier and faster to communicate added value to the customer’s specific needs.
  • Increased sales competency. New and/or inexperienced field sales reps can be supported by faster product and selling skills assistance through advanced digital technology. Consequently, “How to” information and training for reps on their smartphones can ramp up capabilities quicker.
  • Broader information and conversation points. Altogether, proactive information covering the rep’s territory and customers can be more efficiently and effectively accessed.

Combine Techniques

In conclusion, help your sales team adjust to changes and new ways of selling. Show them how to combine historic trusting relationship skills with current AI technology and watch them succeed.

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