Over 11 million Americans are currently unemployed according to bls.gov, which means many people are struggling to find ways to create new opportunities. Adversity is part of life. Sometimes, it’s trivial and throws you off for only a few weeks. At other times, it’s life-changing. The coronavirus pandemic fits squarely into the latter category and has made it an especially challenging time to be in the job market.

Tips for the job seeker

If you are looking for work, here are some tips I have developed this year on how to best to approach the difficult situation you find yourself in:

  1. Share your emotions – When you lose a job, it often feels like failure. Many people experience grief, similar to the kind of sorrow you feel with the loss of a loved one. It’s important to share those feelings, preferably with someone who has been through an unexpected job change. You are better able to express your anger, pain, and disappointment to a kindred spirit. Ignoring those emotions can prevent you from moving forward.
  2. Assess your finances – Finances are a concern for most of us. Be sure to evaluate what you will require monetarily until you find a job. Most people do not have the funds to support a long period of unemployment.  Check with your state and federal offices to see if you qualify for unemployment insurance, including special pandemic unemployment assistance.
  3. Develop a plan – Once you have dealt with the emotional and financial aspects of your situation focus on problem-solving and develop a plan. Consider why you lost the job. Was it just the result of the pandemic or were there other issues at play? Perhaps this is a good time to make a needed career change or find a job that better matches your skill set and passion.


Going through adverse situations is tough and the pandemic is testing our strength on so many levels. To get through adversity, you must persevere in your quest to create better opportunities. This resiliency will lead you to a better job. I have found that after a year in new position, most people find they are better off financially and enjoy greater job satisfaction. Stay strong.

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