Take advantage of your data

Due to a proven track record of delivering products, small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) enjoy working relationships built on trust. In order for SMBs to succeed, they need to know the advantages they have with their customers. Additionally, the digital copies that are stored in most businesses purchase history. computers which store digital copies of their purchase histories. To take advantage of this data, a company must incorporate an Enterprise Resource Plan (ERP).

An Enterprise Resource plan can tie together all of your work processes including customer service (ordering, pricing, and product knowledge); operations (order tracking and warehouse inventory control); administration (order processing and bill paying); sales (prospecting, customer products, history, and purchases); and marketing (website, advertising, merchandising, social media, research, and training).

ERPs are vital to the success of small and medium-sized businesses, so it pays to hire an expert who can consolidate business data at a price that works for you. ERP’s can protect your company as well as unify commerce and enable you to compete head-on in the digital world and drive the business forward.

Key Values

To compete with bigger companies, SMBs need to offer added value. Using an ERP can bring three key benefits to distributors:

  • Low TCO (total cost of ownership) — This will enhance the return on investment and the digital initiatives you are putting in place.
  • Increased sales and margins — As stated before, ERPs can streamline processes and save time. In addition, this will increase the opportunity for sales representatives to cross-sell and up-sell.
  • Increased business process agility — Unified commerce companies can make a store more productive or open a new branch more quickly.  It also presents additional channels for customers to interact with the organization.

Drive business forward

By helping customers, distributors can also help themselves. Mark Dancer explains: “Customers need to evolve for the digital age, but like distributors, many customers are uncertain about the future. By developing expertise around how customers will do business and helping them transform, distributors will drive their businesses forward.”

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