Daunted By New Responsibilities

Are you in a new leadership position and feeling the need for some job guidance? As a master coach, I recently worked with a client who found himself promoted to Vice President of the company which had recently acquired his business. As the junior partner in the company he founded, this individual was very comfortable with many facets of management. His new executive responsibilities, however, seemed a bit daunting.

The Qualities of a Master Coach

As people move up the career ladder, and in particular when there is a sudden jump, feeling insecure about the job ahead is common. Guidance from someone more experienced, such as a master coach, can be very useful. Here are some key qualities to look for in a mentor.

Experience – People in their sixties and seventies have a wealth of experience and task-specific knowledge. There are few business problems they haven’t solved and this allows them to coach a client creatively and effectively. For example, when one of my clients recognized the growing demand for dry ice to transport the new COVID-19 vaccine, as a former industrial gas industry executive, I was able to lead him to the right connections for the best equipment and proper training in the use and handling of that substance.

Insight – The right coach is constantly monitoring his student’s progress. He must be able to recognize if his client is not able to process or act upon his instructions, and redirect him if necessary.

Patience –The imparting of new skills requires moving forward in small progressive steps and this requires patience. A meaningful connection between the trainer and apprentice is necessary to make this journey work.

Empathy – As a coach is trying to impart something foreign and unknown to his student, he needs to have empathy. For example, after I demonstrated a new skill to a student, he explained why he preferred his current method. I had to sympathize with him. It is difficult to let go of our tried and true habits. I persisted in encouraging him to give the new technique a try and eventually he recognized the tremendous long-term time savings this new skill afforded him.

Job Guidance

If you are feeling overwhelmed in your new position, ask for the help of someone more experienced. A master coach is there to give you job guidance and improve your ability to lead the team.

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