The goal

Satisfying customers is the goal right? Do so by keeping sales consistency!

You can classify salespeople into two general groups: hunters and gatherers. The hunter is a networker and skilled at finding and closing new business, but easily bored with customer detail. The gatherer is like a golden retriever, friendly and loyal and driven by the desire to keep the customer happy. A successful business needs both types of salespeople. Hunters do their best work on the outside, with face-to-face calling. Match them with your gatherers, who excel at inside sales and providing customer service. Both hunters and gathers should have the same goal and that is to ensure the consistency of a sale.

Make it consistent

Here are three issues to be aware of when working to ensure the consistency of each sales transaction.

  1. Buyer’s remorse – In any new relationship there can be doubt about whether the right decision has been made. This is particularly true with a large sale or one that involves an urgent need. We have all woken up wondering if we made the right decision or if the urgent product will be delivered as expected. To avoid buyer’s remorse, review with your customer the logical reasons for the purchase. Point out the features and benefits of the product or service you have just agreed to.
  2. Continued connectionAn order does not complete a sale. Once the paper work is signed, introduce your customer to your inside service support team for any help he may need.
  3. Consistency of service Follow-through is important.  A rapid response thank-you email or text demonstrates your commitment. Have your sales and operation managers make a call or visit as well. Invite your customer to tour your company’s facilities so he can put names to faces.  These actions provide the customer with consistency of service.

Grow your business and sales consistency

The salesperson who provides and coordinates consistent service after an order is taken creates a satisfied customer base. This yields client retention and guarantees more business.

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