The disciplines of an organized executive


Sales and leadership is more about a person’s self-confidence than the amount of product or a service they provide. Customers and sales people alike are affected by those who exhibit trustworthiness and assurance. You can develop self-confidence by working on the disciplines of an organized executive. I have been coaching a client, who is beginning a career in outside sales, on these disciplines. After just two weeks of sessions, he was able to close three accounts. He attributes this success to the disciplines, which give him the confidence he needs to properly prepare and engage.

The Disciplines

What did my client learn in two one-hour sessions that created such an impact? Here are some of the disciplines that helped him.

Clear the Mind – Most of us try to juggle too many things at once. This often prevents us from doing meaningful work.  In his book, Deep Work , Cal Newport states, “Shallow Work is non-cognitively demanding, logistical-style tasks, often performed while distracted.” To clear your mind and become less distracted I recommend writing down all of your tasks. I prefer doing this in a journal rather than on a tablet because it is easier to view the unfilled tasks. A journal also offers none of the distractions inherent in an electronic device.

Develop Focused Concentration – Once you have cleared your mind, focus on a few important goals and set aside everything else. Narrow your attention to your most critical tasks and stop trying to do too many things at once. Focused concentration must become a top priority to maximize your effectiveness.

Practice Organizational Skills – Get organized. Note all meetings, important goals, and next steps as appointments on your calendar. Color code each category of work so you can quickly identify tasks. Address your email as it comes in and keep your Inbox empty. Build permanent computer folders annually. Have a goal of finding anything in your office or on your desktop in less than 15 seconds.

Share your skills

The salesperson I worked with mastered and put to use these basic skills. Today he exudes self-confidence, which has been noted by those he works with. A fellow salesperson has already asked him what is behind his early success. The disciplines of an organized executive can become contagious. Be sure to share them with others.

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