Personalize the Sale

I have an older car which I use for fun when family comes to visit. As it gets only occasional use, the battery often needs charging. I went online to shop for a charger and found a large assortment of options. However, I had no idea which charger was best for me so I headed to my local auto parts stores.  In the first store, the rep showed me three options but gave no recommendation. At my next stop, I talked with a rep who was a charger user himself. He asked me about my specific needs and handed me the charger I should buy. His personalization of the sale was invaluable to me. As a salesperson, it is important to keep in mind that the perceived value of a product or service is how it looks, feels, and sounds to the buyer.

Tailor your Solutions

The online marketplace offers lots of product choices at low prices. In the absence of appropriate descriptive information, however, price doesn’t help you select the right product for you.  According to Laura Ramos, VP, Principal Analyst at Forrester, “Sixty percent of customers will stop doing business with sellers that do not tailor solutions to meet their exact needs.” “Forty-three percent of buyers feel embarrassed in front of their peers if sellers’ presentations are not customized to their specific needs.” In the example above of the battery charger, I could have purchased the product online at a lower price. However, it would be of little value to me if it was the wrong charger.

Enhance Perceived Value

Remember, the perceived value is how a product or service looks, feels, and sounds to the buyer. Always present an organized and knowledgeable sales plan that enhances the perceived value of your solution. Personalized perceived value positions enable the seller to build strong, value-driven, long-term customer relationships.

The Value of Peace of Mind

The personalized attention I received from the store rep in the example above added perceived value to the charger I purchased. Going forward, I may still look online for information and prices. But I will buy my auto parts from the local, personalized, added-value distributor who offers me peace of mind that I made the right choice. Get tips and tricks like the above in The Art of Sales books. Or subscribe to the FREE monthly articles here.