Forming and implementing an effective strategic plan is challenging. It takes building a good leadership team and developing a well-thought-out plan. However, the implementation of the plan is especially crucial. If your employees don’t understand and buy into the plan, it is useless. It would help if you had strategic communication.

Get the Best Views

In a recent article, Art Petty of the Art Petty Group talked about the importance of communicating strategy to your organization. He wrote: “If the work of strategy is cloistered in a conference room, don’t expect people to understand it when you unveil the outcome and don’t expect them to be able to add value quickly. The more important question I ask is, ‘What have you done to appeal to them on a personal level and have them excited about the work of bringing a new strategy to life?’ This is, of course, the missing part. In my experience, those close to the customers, business partners, and competitors, have the best views of what’s needed in a winning strategy. It’s wrong that they’re often the last to learn a new strategy. Work unceasingly to fix this problem. Help them develop clarity on the simple concept of strategy and find ways to let them define how to get there.”

Effective Communication Tools

Business leaders need to find tools that help to effectively communicate the inner workings of their strategic plans. Additionally, several of my clients have found that transparent quarterly reviews with all employees do this. These reviews include sales, expenses, earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization (EBITDA), as well as the next steps to all strategic plans. Sessions allow for open discussion, including questions and answers.

Money is another great way to communicate the success of your strategic plan. Some of my clients pay a quarterly percentage of EBITDA to the employees. Recognize results as soon as they occur and watch employee morale soar.

Connect and Contribute

In conclusion, the ability to contribute and connect your business strategy to all team levels is essential. Use the right strategic communication tools and get your employees invested in being part of a cohesive team.

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