Key Differentiator

Many B2B purchases are made before a consumer even contacts a vendor. According to data from SiriusDecisions, 67% of the purchasing process is completed digitally. In spite of this, one of my first areas of focus as a consultant to small business entrepreneurs is improving their digital platforms. According to a survey conducted by The Brooks Group, “Eighty- seven percent of B2B buyers say they would pay more to a supplier with better digital tools. Furthermore, Enabling digital transformation has become another key differentiator.”

Steps to Digital Integration

How can a growing small business affordably upgrade its digital platform? I suggest considering these steps:

Find the right ERP provider – With the right ERP software, you can collect, store, manage, and interpret data from all your business activities. In many ways, it is similar to the operating system on your computer. Make contact with several ERP providers and get quotes from each. In addition, Look for groups active in your industry. Using the Internet and your network are both good ways to find out about many groups. On the other hand, based on previous experiences, it may be best to offer cost savings. Innovations will reduce costs as technology advances, but competition and product development will increase as well.

Add a B2B eCommerce integrator – A provider can create the software to electronically allow buying and selling of products through online services or over the internet. A B2B integrator provides strategy, software, and solutions to integrate your ERP with that of your customers. The measuring system is the communication piece between the supplier and its customers. It allows you to set up an eCommerce platform for each end-user.

Be Digitally Competent

Finally, your website is only the start of your digital journey.  To compete in the challenging world of eCommerce, you must be digitally competent. Your website must be visually appealing as well as digitally established. Consider hiring a developer who can help create a digital foundation for your business and marketing efforts. Lastly, as the number and size of alternative internet providers grow, enabling digital transformation will be a key differentiator to your business’ success.

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