The best measure of performance is a satisfied customer. Today’s digital business practices enable swifter transactions. However, they can be a stumbling block when it comes to addressing customer concerns and satisfaction.  For example, I recently tried to resolve an issue with my internet and TV provider and was connected to an automated digital agent. Following prompts, I typed in my problem only to receive a list of online tutorial solutions. I did not make any actual human contact during the session, and I ended up feeling frustrated as my problem remained unsolved. This begs the question, how can we better serve our customers in today’s business environment?

The Personal Touch

We all know that customer frustration is bad for business. The good news is that, as independent distributors, we have the ability to do business in a better way. While alternative channels have caused us to move more interactions online to remain competitive, we are still in touch with customers on a much more personal level than the big guys. This allows us to create better digital pathways targeted to our customers’ needs. Using our resources to optimize performance, we can answer questions better than an automated agent. We can provide the personal touch.

Increasing Shareholder Value

Protecting the integrity of your shareholders, from base-line employees to customers, is a great way to optimize performance. Everyone, from your warehouse worker to the chief executive, is in a position to help improve the efficiency of the company. This puts you in a position of great flexibility when it comes to problem-solving.  With employees focused on operational excellence, you will realize increased revenue and bottom-line growth.


Lastly, In today’s fast-paced business environment, the surest path to a satisfied customer base is made by providing the best service. Make excellence in serving your company’s priority.

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