My son-in-law works in the motion picture industry. The film projects he works on were staffed with people from multiple companies as well as independent contractors. Making a film requires a complex network of interconnected systems, known as a workforce ecosystem.

Digital integration

In addition, to being intermediaries in a value chain, distributors are a part of a workforce ecosystem. As part of a complex and critical supply chain, they handle detailed information. Additionally, product and service identity, pricing, inventory location, and delivery are all part of a chain. Above all, this will help the end user get their work done. Suddenly, workplace ecosystems have been changing at a high rate in recent years. Now that companies are more digitally integrated and forced to be responsive as a result of this shift. Now, to be competitive in today’s workforce ecosystem you need to operate with the latest software and digital tools and platforms.

Mining data

According to Mark Dancer, “Companies that buy products from distributors will always seek to create value for them. And the users that use them will often measure the total cost of ownership, worker productivity, and the quality of the products and services needed for the end user. What’s new is, realizing that doing this can be an extension of the supply chain. With offerings not based on vague value propositions but through the value to create and measure new, and more comprehensive data.” Furthermore, he adds, “No matter what the delivery mechanism is, supply chain companies are at the center of providing this capability.” Independent distributors should consider using their ERPs to mine data downstream of customer orders. However, ERP technology distributors can solve problems and provide the right product based on data collected from actual client interactions.

Be competitive

To conclude, local distributors are at the center of these complex supply chains, which continue to evolve.  To remain competitive in the workplace ecosystem, you must create added-value product offerings and services based on the comprehensive data available through your digital technology platforms.

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